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Freshers’ Week

You’re invited: CUSU Freshers’ Fair
8th- 9th October 2019 | Supported by Domino’s Pizza

Get ready for the biggest event in the freshers’ calendar – the annual CUSU Freshers’ Fair. On Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th of October we’ll be hosting hundreds of Clubs, Societies and commercial partners over two huge venues. There’ll be drinks, food, entertainment and of course, plenty of freebies!

The CUSU Freshers’ Fair is for all Cambridge University students. Regardless if you’re a new or returning student, postgrad or undergrad, home or international – this is the fair all about, and for, you! Here at CUSU we’ve been spending the past months putting together the very best aspects of student life into one big space for you to discover.

Once you’ve seen all the sports clubs and societies Cambridge has to offer, there’ll be loads of opportunities to get plenty of freebies, including food! It’s going to be two days you can’t miss.

We’ll also see the return of the essential-to-all, Careers Zone. Even if you’re not sure where you’ll end up when you graduate, this is a must not be missed stop of your journey through freshers. Here you’ll get to make contact with a variety of recruiters, alongside the University’s very own Careers Service. This year we’ll also have the addition of talks taking place throughout the day – an essential stop whatever year of study you are!

If you’re planning on getting a bike and haven’t got one yet, you don’t need to worry – new and second hand bikes are available to buy at the Freshers’ Fair Bike Market. You’ll also be able to get hold of safety kits including lights, a lock and a helmet so you’re ready to cycle your way through your degree. There’s no event bigger, so make sure you don’t miss out! For more detailed information on the CUSU Freshers’ Fair please visit the main CUSU website. If you have any questions about the fair, please contact:

+ Freshers’ Timetable:

When you arrive you’ll be sent a timetable of events in your College and around the University by your JCR/MCR (Junior/Mature Common Room). The events on the timetable will be a mix of nights out and nights in, giving you casual ways to meet fellow students. There’ll be non-alcoholic options, and don’t feel pressured to attend any events you aren’t keen on – there are plenty of ways to make friends while you’re here so just do what you’re comfortable with.

+ Matriculation:

One of the first things that will happen when you arrive is that you will “matriculate” – it’s all very Harry Potter but without the sorting hat. It usually involves a group photo, a formal dinner and a ceremony where you shake someone’s hand and sign an enrolment agreement. Matriculating basically means fully enrolling into your college, but with a bit more ceremony. You may be required to buy a gown to matriculate in when you arrive (they’re around £40). You can buy or hire a gown from the SU Reception.

+ College parents and siblings:

You will get the opportunity to meet your college parents (see our Feel Prepared section for more information). They will show you around college when you arrive and probably have a “family dinner” with you.

+ Start of term:

At Cambridge, weeks start on Thursday. This means that if you arrive on the weekend, you have four days before lectures start. Before this you’ll have time to meet your Director of Studies (DoS) who will go over your timetable and give you some advice about starting work at Cambridge. If you’re lost or confused, the Students’ Unions’ Advice Service will be able to send you in the right direction.

We are ran by six elected full time students, Sabbatical Officers, who represent you to the University and campaign on issues you believe in throughout the year. You’ll be hearing more from us very soon on how you can get involved and make your voice heard, but if you would like to know more about us before you arrive, make sure to check out our main website

We also have a number of CUSU Campaigns which are campaigning and representative bodies for students. Many of these are liberation focused, and open to students of a specific identity or background.

You can contact them to get involved in their events and campaigns, or to connect with other students who may share similar experiences.

We do all we can to provide accessible and value services to make your time at the University of Cambridge as streamlined as possible – and they’re available to ALL students. You can drop by our offices at 17 Mill Lane in central Cambridge or find out more about what we do on the main CUSU site.

Our Students’ Unions’ Advice Service offers free, confidential and independent support to all University of Cambridge students. Visit their website for a wealth of information on support, welfare, academic affairs and other topics.

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